How to make a website?

how to make a website


Hi Dear Reader,

First of all today I would like to talk about how to purchase a domain name. Before that I giving you some details about website than you can understand and how you can operate and your website and how to create your domain for your company or your own business.  So let’s start:-

What is website?

Website is visibility online of you or your company or your product. Which audience can easily locate your product / company. website make trust on people if people can seen you online it is the prove of your loyalty or presence.  

Purpose of Website?

Always there should be a reason to creating a website without purpose it is totally wastage your time and money. The reason could be anything like – You can create website for you company if you are a business man or you want to promote your business online or it could be blogging.

Types of website?

There are a lot’s of type of websites but don’t go for that thing which you don’t know. There are six major type of website :-

  6. FORMS

These are the websites which are using are on daily basis and these are very easy to learn and operate.

What is domain name?

Always domain name should be very unique name it could be your name or your company name anything whatever you have decided / require. The domain name is identity of your website people will know your website by your domain.

There are FEW rules which I recommend for a domain name:- 

  1. It should be your brand name or your name.
  2. It should not be more than 10-15 characters.
  3. Do not use is, in, of, for, on, a etc.
  4. Always go for .com extension

Preparation for website creation..

Before creating a website you must have confirmed there three things:-

  1. Domain name
  2. Website hosting server
  3. Creation / Designing

How to get your domain name?

First of all before searching your domain name please make sure you must have 5 options for your domain name. Think your five domain name and write is down in your note book / diary. Firstly be sure that if you will get you domain name you will go for that. Don’t be confused because it will show you many of option or suggestion for the same.

Now go to and search for

It will take you on home page there you will see there will be a search option enter your domain name and search if your domain is available it will show you “Yes, your domain name is available” if it is not available it will show you “sorry” your domain is not available. In that case you will check you another domain name which you have written in your notebook / diary. When you will find your domain name you will select it and click on get started and purchased. Create your user ID and password for your cPanel which your will never forget. It is for free godaddy will charge you for your website hosting only.

Hope you understand the whole concept of how create a domain / website. for hosting or installing WordPress please read the another post which is mentioned below.

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